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How do we better prepare health systems to address the rising burden of cardiometabolic disease and obesity?

Panel Discussion to be followed by lunch reception.


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Cardiometabolic diseases, including cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke, diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, pose a substantial global health challenge to this and future generations, contributing to over 30% of annual global deaths. In parallel, projections suggest that 50% of the world's population will be living with obesity by 2035.

To shed light on the nuanced discourse surrounding cardiometabolic diseases and obesity, this side event aims to elevate global awareness within the health community regarding the interplay of these comorbidities and how health systems are and will be impacted.

As the world navigates a year of heightened political attention on Universal Health Coverage and approaches the 4th UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs in 2025, this event provides a timely platform to foster a collective understanding of the social, health, and economic repercussions associated with neglecting the appropriate resourcing for managing these diseases and their associated risk factors.

This side event is co-hosted by the World Heart Federation and World Obesity Federation, with support from IFPMA.

The program and speakers will be announced soon.

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